Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mini DV Tapes

Mini DV tapes look like analog tapes used for recording, but they are almost 1/6th their size. Apart from being more compact, they have the advantage of clearer sound quality, reduced noise, and higher output. They are available on various websites and from retailers of electronic items.

The dimensions of Mini DV tapes are 2.6�� 2� � 0.5�. The tape is coiled inside a plastic case with a flap to protect the tape from dust, scratches and other damage. The tapes are magnetized on both sides and optionally may be covered by a layer of carbon to improve the sound quality.

The major manufacturers of Mini DV tapes are TDK, Maxell, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, RCA, and JVC. Like all items related to electronic goods, a little research is needed in order to locate the tape that will best suit your needs.

First, think of the duration of the recording that you need. Mini DV tapes are available with 30, 60, 63, 80, or 83 minutes worth recording time. The three extra minutes, on a tape of 63 minutes, for example, are for trial recording. This feature is very useful for those creating professional videos and films. The Sony DVM 30 PRL has a recording time of exactly 60 minutes, while Sony DVM 63 has the three minutes extra for adjusting the recorder or camcorder.

Also, price is an important factor when it comes to buying in bulk. Many online stores retail Mini DV tapes in bulk. For example, Sony DVM 30 are sold on TapeResources.COM for $4 per tape, for a collection of tapes ranging from 5 to 100 tapes. Purchases over $50 are given further discounts. Other websites offer sizeable discounts depending on the brand. A Fuji tape of 60 minutes length generally costs $14, but the price may come down to as low as $6 when retailed by these online stores.

Apart from Mini DV tapes, these websites also retail items like DV cleaners needed to properly maintain the tapes.